Collections & Recovery

Collections & Recovery

We are retail collections attorneys that are professionally trained with the authority and expertise to give legal advice to credit grantors and to collect delinquent retail/consumer debt using pre-suit methods as well as litigation and post-judgment enforcement by through bank and wage attachments.

The collection of retail debt is an essential part of keeping the economy healthy, as it helps insure that credit is available at reasonable rates and retailers maintain the ability to charge fair and equitable prices for products and services. Our collection methods are designed to collect the debt in the shortest amount of time in the most cost effective manner for our clients. Computerized monthly statements keep our clients up to date with their accounts.

Our collection procedure includes a demand letter and an attempt to collect the debt without litigation. If this method proves to be unsuccessful, prompt legal action, after confirmation of location and assets, takes place. Finally, we make sure that there is persistent enforcement of judgments and ongoing asset searches through “skip-tracing” to help in the location of home addresses and employment.

Often times a retail collection attorney is able to work directly with the debtor to work out a successful payment schedule acceptable to the grantor. However, if a payment schedule is not possible or violated, timely litigation and judgment enforcement are used to collect the debt.

As a member of NARCA, we can collect nationwide.

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