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Commercial real estate investment options

Commercial real estate investment options

72280886 - a female hand operating a calculator in front of a villa house modelIf you are looking to invest in income property, there are lots of options out there. Recent statistics show that there are approximately $6 trillion in investment properties in the U.S. Each type of commercial real estate investment comes with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few options to consider before purchasing your next investment property.

#1 Industrial properties
Industrial property investments can include distribution centers, warehouses or manufacturing facilities. Recent figures show almost $240 billion in U.S industrial properties. Industrial properties can be quite lucrative for investors, as they are in high-demand and often have long-term tenants for the usual occupants. These spaces also offer higher rental rates than some other commercial real estate investment options.

#2 Office spaces
Office spaces can be multi-business units, hi-rises or other professional offices. In the U.S., office spaces are valued at over $1 trillion. Office spaces in urban centers demand some of the highest going rates around. Prime property in a desirable location is a good bet for an office space investment property.

#3 Retail establishments
Retail investment properties include malls, restaurants, grocery stores or other brick-and-mortar store locations. Retail establishments make up over $2 trillion of the real estate in the United States. As with office spaces, the best retail establishments for investment purposes are in areas easily accessible to shoppers. Prime retail locations will draw long-term tenants.

#4 Apartment complexes
Statistics vary on the number of apartment complexes in the U.S. Some list them as residential real estate while other sources list apartment complexes as commercial. An estimation of worth of the apartment rental market in the U.S. is $1.4 trillion. Rental units are in short supply, especially in many downtown urban centers. There is good potential for profit with the right rental income unit.

Have you found your next commercial real estate investment? We are ready to help with your closing with efficient and reasonably priced services. Contact us for a consultation.

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