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Flexible office spaces are trending in commercial real estate

Flexible office spaces are trending in commercial real estate

43774950 - businesswoman showing property conceptFlexible office space is the hot new trend in commercial real estate. U.S. office markets are seeking flexible space inventory. A flexible office space includes options for co-working, short-term spaces, incubators and more. Research by JLL Corporate Solutions, Americas (JLL) predicts one-third of all office spaces will be flexible by the year 2030.

What are the benefits of flexible office spaces? The modern flexible office space offers benefits to small start-ups that need a business address but find it hard to afford a traditional office space. Large corporations can also find benefits of an additional location outside of the corporate office to expand operations without having to relocate.

For home businesses, client meetings in public places can prove difficult—there may not be parking and there is a definite lack of privacy in meeting with a client at a coffee shop. Many home businesses have grown to the point where they need an office location outside of the home to meet with potential clients in a private office location.

Many potential flex office renters are looking for the amenities provided by a flexible office space that would be missing from a stand-alone office. Some of the most sought-after amenities include conference rooms, event spaces, client parking and more. The renter can gain access to all the desired amenities with a monthly membership fee. All the client needs to do is move in and start work without having to worry about utilities, water service, etc. Flexible options are being sought in commercial real estate markets across the nation. Here are the top 10 U.S. flex office markets.

Dynamic work spaces with flexible options are a trend in commercial real estate that is here to stay. Have you recently invested in a commercial office rental space? Our knowledgeable staff is experienced in all legal aspects of commercial real estate. Contact us for a consultation.

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