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Selling a home for the best possible price

Selling a home for the best possible price

53716872 - home loan concept photoBefore your clients can buy a new home, they first have to sell the old one! Taking time to research the local real estate market will help in getting the best deal. Check similar properties to find out what the listing price was for those homes. Pricing is key–too high, and you may be looking at a long wait for the right buyers.

What is a good asking price? To determine this, look at the current market value of similar homes. Consider how much the original home was purchased for (realizing that the value of the property may have increased or decreased depending on the real estate market in the area), as well as any additions or renovations made to increase the home’s value. A real estate agent can help in guiding clients toward what type of price to list at, including all the added amenities.

Homes in top condition sell at the best asking price. This condition includes the interior, exterior, attached and surrounding buildings, as well as any landscaping matters that may need attention. Little things can do a lot to increase the appearance and value of your property. A new paint job, new flooring, a perfectly landscaped yard, garage, carport or swimming pool can all be great selling points. Any repairs to plumbing, electrical, heating or air conditioning systems should be made before listing the home to sell.

Once the home is on the market, it’s time to begin showing! A real estate agent can be of great assistance here as he or she will be available to show the home when owners are working or otherwise unavailable. Make sure the home is always tidy and the outside yard mowed and trimmed before showing. Selling a home for the best price possible will help give a good financial start when it comes time to purchase that new home.

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