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Outlook for commercial real estate investment

Outlook for commercial real estate investment

37926877 - real estate growth cartIf you’re thinking of making a commercial real estate investment in the near future, it’s wise to take a look at the current climate for mortgages, economic growth, housing affordability, interest rates and construction activity. Key takeaways from the 2017 U.S. real estate market:

  • Home purchases for investment purposes were at 37%.
  • The homeownership rate hit its lowest point in 2016, and was rebounding.
  • Negative price movements are likely to continue and may become more significant.

So what to expect in 2018? A report from PwC and ULI on emerging trends in real estate predicts slow but substantial growth in the U.S. real estate market based on a 1% job growth rate and 2% annual gross domestic product growth. One note of interest to those looking for investment properties: There is growing interest in smaller cities. Factors that make these smaller cities a desirable investment include affordability, robust economies and availability of young and skilled workers.

There are many factors that make real estate an ever-changing market for investors. If you are thinking of a new real estate investment, let us handle all the legal transactions for you. We are a boutique law firm that can assist you with your commercial real estate transactions. We also can help with conveyances and mortgages, title services and more. We are ready to answer all your legal questions. Contact us for a consultation.

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