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How much do you know about modular construction?

How much do you know about modular construction?

33090463 - modular building plan concept: modular building over plotsModular homes and commercial buildings are increasingly popular, particularly in the Northeast, where wage rates are higher and cost efficiencies in modular construction can tip the balance in their favor. The green movement also is giving modular construction some momentum, because there is less waste when construction is automated and occurs in a factory.

But how much do you know about this popular kind of construction? For instance, did you know that modular buildings must meet all of the local building permit requirements? Foundation systems used in conjunction with modular building construction codes must comply with both permanent and temporary safety standards. Modular buildings also must comply with standards for handicapped access, utilities, paint colors, roof requirements and more.

States generally have established legal codes and standards addressing modular construction. These codes involve standards for roof pitch, eave projections, exterior walls, siding and roofing materials, perimeters, food zones and more.

If you have customers interested in modular construction, we can help you understand the legal aspects that may affect you. Our experienced lawyers at Barsh & Cohen represent both lenders and those in the construction industry, including engineers and architects. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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