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Going green with business travel

Going green with business travel

18195907 - eco friendly hand conceptTravel is a necessity for many businesses, including those in the financial services industry that we serve. Might you benefit from going green with your travel? Many companies have found a commitment to environmentally friendly travel is a boon when they are marketing their services, particularly among millennials. Your bottom line also could benefit.

Here are a few ideas for your company to consider in the quest to go green with travel:

  • Eliminate unnecessary travel. Not every business exchange requires a face-to-face meeting. Whenever possible, teleconferencing or online meetings can be scheduled. Use technology to save time and you’ll also save money.
  • When a rental car is necessary, get the eco-friendly models such as hybrid models.
  • Choose airline flights that use fuel-efficient aircraft.
  • If possible, use public transportation, which reduces the emissions of the car you would otherwise rent.
  • Make travel accommodations through companies that use and support “green” technology.
  • Use green travel products such as personal toiletry items.
  • Communicate green travel policies with all staff members and make sure they are understood.

Hold staff meeting and make sure everyone understands the new green travel policies. Encourage everyone to ask questions and make suggestions for other eco-friendly travel ideas.

Change is never easy and it’s often misunderstood. However, if you and your staff commit to implementing eco-friendly travel policies, you will not only help our environment, but you also will be saving your company money. That could be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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